Our flagship brand is our organic honey which comes in a 16g sachet. This honey is naturally sourced from some of the best bee farmers in Kenya who guarantee us the nutritious value is preserved and nurtured through the whole farming process. Once we get the raw honey, we process and filter it to remove all impurities and make it more fluid for an easy squeeze from our beautifully designed sachets. In summary, quality and convenience are the predominant attributes of our flagship brand.


Do you tend to find the use of honey in containers and jars getting a bit messy? Well, sachets offer a cleaner and more hygienic alternative. Just a snip and you can pour it straight into the cup or onto your bread or favourite piece of confectionery. This also minimizes waste as the quantity is limited to the precise portions.

16g Sachet

500g Jar

Weight : 16g


Quantities : 1 carton (contains 200pcs)


Weight : 500g


Quantities : 1 carton (contains 48pcs)


In summary, our products offer the following advantages:


Great healthy sugar replacement

Great energy source

Good for allergies

Enhances your immune system

Great for flu

Anti inflammatory/ageing/bacterial


Easy to open

Cheaper than other alternatives

Great for Breakfast tables

Great for takeway to School or Work

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